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 Lindsay Joy Greene

Lindsay is a Trauma Specialist with a private practice in Santa Monica, and Agoura CA. She integrates Somatic Experiencing®, Therapeutic Touchwork and Healthy Lifestyle Counseling into her approach to help clients recover from trauma and become more resilient every way. 

She works with all forms of trauma and nervous system dysregulation, and specializes in helping those with ACE's (Adverse Childhood Events) address the symptoms, syndromes and conditions that developmental trauma and attachment ruptures may have predisposed them to. She takes great care to recognize and affirm her clients at their current capacities and encourage them towards greater degrees of health and resilience. She works with each client to create a uniquely safe space, in which they can set their own pace, explore their experience, release accumulated tension, and address their trauma from a uniquely bio-physiological approach.


Lindsay holds a degree in Contemplative Psychology with an emphasis in Health and Healing from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She completed a 3 year training program in Dr. Peter Levines’ approach to healing trauma, Somatic Experiencing®, and currently assists other professionals learning SE at these training programs. She is certified in Cranial Sacral Unwinding and licensed in Massage Therapy and Health Education. She continued to hone her skills of therapeutic touch in Post-Advanced trainings with leading teachers and practitioners in the field of Somatics, while refining her understanding of Early Childhood Trauma, and touch interventions based on Attachment and Polyvagal Theory. She has been a guest teacher at USC and has developed and facilitated workshops and peer learning groups. 

In the midst of her western academic education Lindsay spent a year ordained as a nun in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and three years living and working at a Vipassana Meditation Center in New England. She feels her training in mindfulness and awareness was perhaps the most important of all her educational pursuits, as it gave her access to a rock-steady foundation of Presence and the capacity "to be with what is," while remaining open to the Potential inherent in all of us. 


She prefers the term Therapeutic Companion to any other professional title, as she feels it highlights the shared humanity inherent in any true therapeutic relationship. She sees her practice as an ever-evolving organism informed by scientific research, multiple therapeutic modalities, personal experience, intuition, and most importantly the wisdom of her clients. She loves to collaborate with other practitioners and believes true health and resilience require a multi-faceted approach, with great attention to lifestyle choices and habits. She recognizes the multidimensionality of the healing journey and is honored to accompany anyone who is sincere in their quest for true health and wellbeing.

trauma therapy, somatic therapy, trauma healing, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Agoura
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