Become Resilient

ReSourcing Somatic Therapy

 is an innovative approach that integrates Somatic Experiencing®, Therapeutic Touchwork, and Health & Lifestyle Counseling. It is based on leading-edge research in neuroscience, mindfulness, psychology and the health sciences.

This approach restores the nervous system to it's naturally resilient state, especially if it has been compromised by shock, trauma, accumulated stress or adverse childhood events.


The results are clients who release feelings of limitation and become happier, healthier and more fully themselves.


Lindsay Joy Greene

 is a Trauma Specialist with a private practice in Santa Monica, CA. She integrates Somatic Experiencing®, Therapeutic Touchwork and Healthy Lifestyle Counseling into her approach to help clients recover from the effects trauma and stress, and become more resilient. 

She works with all forms of trauma and nervous system dysregulation, and specializes in helping those with ACE's (Adverse Childhood Events) to address the symptoms, syndromes, and conditions that developmental trauma and attachment ruptures may have predisposed them to..

She takes great care to recognize and affirm her clients at their current capacities and encourage them towards greater degrees of health and resilience. She works with each client to create a uniquely safe space, in which they can set their own pace, explore their experience, release accumulated tension, and address their trauma from a uniquely bio-physiological approach...



The work is both easily accessible and backed up by scientific research. It just makes sense to me and feels good! It equips people with ongoing, practical tools for self-care. I feel profoundly impacted by a greater understanding of how to honor and work with what my body is communicating.

-C. Manley, Student
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